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MIT RSIAlumni Honors

Since its inception, the Research Science Institute has been a leading source of awardees and honorees in prestigious high school and university science competitions. RSI alumni earn accolades in nationally and internationally recognized forums.

Intel Talent Search
154 finalists & 545 semifinalists; eleven 1st place

Siemens Competition
259 finalists & semifinalists; three 1st place

Fields Medal
In 2006 awarded to Terence Tao RSI’89

MacArthur Fellowship
In 2006 awarded to Terence Tao RSI’89

Rhodes Scholars
11 Scholars

Marshall Scholars
15 Scholars

RSI alumni are recognized also for participation in the William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition. The National Science Foundation Alan T. Waterman Award was awarded in 2008 to Terence Tao, RSI’89, Professor in the Department of Mathematics, at UCLA.


RSI students regularly attend the nation's top-tier universities. They continue to interact with each other and strengthen the camaraderie of the RSI social community. The network of RSI alumni remains active throughout a student's academic and professional career.