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Students begin their summer with one week of seminars highlighting current research topics in biology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, physics, and humanities.

RSI students gain access to the extensive computing resources of MIT, and receive the tools they will need to find current publications, to model complex systems, to prepare a scientific paper, and to make a conference-style presentation. The RSI evening lecture series begins the first week and continues throughout the summer and provides students with the ability to meet face-to-face with science and technology leaders such as Nobel laureates and technology entrepreneurs. Past RSI sessions have included click to view list of past speakers.

Students receive their preliminary assignments from their research mentors at the end of the first week, and many begin reading advanced texts and recent journal articles over the first weekend. Students join their laboratories at the beginning of the second week, spending "business hours plus" engaged in guided research from the second through the fifth week. All participants report the results of their work back to the Institute, preparing papers and oral presentations at a level appropriate for an academic conference. An outside panel of Boston-area academic and corporate scientists selects five papers and five presentations for special commendation during the last week of the program.

Among the rigorous academic curriculum students enjoy a variety of field trips to nearby cultural attractions and expeditions to science and technology facilities in the Boston Area. Past RSI sessions have participated in Boston's July 4th celebration on the Esplanade and enjoyed a weekend trip to discover the natural beauty of New England. Program staff are extremely responsive to student interest, and the activities of each RSI session reflect the unique character of the participants.

Research Science Institute (RSI) at a Glance Research Science Institute (RSI)
Unforgettable RSI One Second a Day of RSI 2018
Gaeun Kim, 2017 RSI (김가은 학생, MIT, 스타프랩어학원) Marissa Sumathipala, 2017 RSI Final Presentations
Anne Lee, 2017 RSI Final Presentations Utkarsh Tandon, 2017 RSI Final Presentations
Isabel Gallegos, 2017 RSI Final Presentations Julius Vering, 2017 RSI Final Presentations
Timothy Tan Zhen Xin, 2017 RSI Final Presentations David Wu, 2017 RSI Final Presentations